For Classroom Labs

From K-12 through university level, our school lab designs enhance the learning experience for instructors and students alike. We also stay abreast of the trends in education programming, so you’ll be prepared for the next wave of laboratory learning to hit campus.

For Healthcare Labs

Our products endow healthcare laboratories with the capabilities and flexibility needed for adapting to ever-changing technologies, instrumentations and procedures, while enhancing workflow and containing costs.

For Industrial Labs

Steel has always been the preferred choice for industrial labs, and our steel furniture is attractive, durable, and resistant to chemicals and moisture. It’s the perfect solution for the industrial workplace.


We’re the end-to-end resource for the development of your lab, with the full range of services necessary for successful project management. From planning and budgeting to product selection and installation, our expertise in delivering complete laboratories is unsurpassed.

Planning & Consulting

Working with architects, facilities engineers, lab managers and end users on a laboratory plan that will meet your needs. Prioritizing safety, accessibility and utilization as we guide you through all the critical issues.

Product Design

Product innovation and engineering at its finest. We analyze customer needs to determine the right product applications – using the latest technology, regulations, and guidelines – then guide the product plan from concept to reality.

Fume Hood Testing

We can support fume hood testing for your project to ensure optimum safety and performance standards are met.

Budgeting & Estimating

Assisting you with these all-important tasks, from setting budgets during the schematic phase to detailed material and labor estimates. We help you flag potential budgetary constraints and are happy to suggest product alternatives that can prove invaluable.


Receiving, staging and properly installing the entire laboratory package – down to the finest detail – on time and within budget. Our Installer Program relies on a total team concept that’s geared toward high performance and customer satisfaction.


We’re a global player in modern logistics, delivering quality products to end users around the world – and at competitive costs.

Project Management

One Hamilton contact oversees every facet of your laboratory project, from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation. Our project managers understand the customer’s special needs and are known for exceeding expectations.


We’re committed to the leading industry standards for conservation and sustainability, investing in technologies that benefit the environment, our employees, our customers and our communities. Our products support client objectives for sustainable laboratory projects through benefits such as:

Improve air and water quality

Energy and cost savings

Time savings

  • Improve air and water quality
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Time savings

Improved health and worker safety

Rainforest protection

Waste reduction

  • Improved health and worker safety
  • Rainforest protection
  • Waste reduction


Founded in 1880, Hamilton has always been known for its exceptional craftsmanship, and our service to the scientific and medical fields goes back nearly a hundred years. We actually made all sorts of furniture and other equipment until the 1980s, when we decided to focus exclusively on the laboratory marketplace.

As we entered the 21st century, Hamilton introduced an innovative class of high-performance, aesthetically pleasing fume hoods that met the new demands for energy conservation and safety. We also set today’s standard for adaptable laboratory systems.

In 2020, Hamilton was acquired by the Royston Group. The new ownership is augmenting our pioneering work in the laboratory industry by injecting Royston’s own brand of operational excellence and manufacturing expertise into everything we do.