Company History

Mr. J.E. Hamilton


J.E. Hamilton Holly Wood Type Company
Wood Type

The Hamilton Company was founded in 1880 by James Edward Hamilton, a skilled woodworker whose first product was wood type for the printing industry.  The first wood type project completed by J.E. Hamilton was "Grand Ball." Mr. Hamilton operated his foot powered scroll saw and mounted the letters on another block of wood. He then sanded and polished the surface of the wood type. The business grew and prospered and by 1891 the Hamilton Company employed 200 workers and was doing approximately $500,000 worth of business.


American Cabinet Company
Dental Cabinetry

In 1896 the company found itself in need of a head bookkeeper. This brought Harry C. Gowran to the Hamilton firm. Gowran along with Dr. E.J. Soik (a local dentist) while working in their spare time, designed a bracket table for use by dentists. The two men sold this cabinet under the American Cabinet Company name but all of the cabinets were manufactured in the Hamilton factory. Hamilton soon took over the company but continued sales under the name of American Cabinets. By 1901 a line of Dental Furniture was incorporated into the firm.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company - The New Challenge of Steel
Steel Printers' Furniture

A major change in the Hamilton line was made, to keep pace with modern developments. Steel furniture replaced the older designs of wood, and the Hamilton Company pioneered the development of Steel Printers' Furniture.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Drafting Furniture

How the Drafting Furniture came to be a successful part of the Hamilton story is really a parallel to the story of 20th Century America.

At the turn of the century the drafting industry was almost nonexistent. The engineering drawing that accompanied an order to the shop was probably the original drawing, done by a draftsperson, on an old board, set up on sawbucks. World War I came along and items had to be produced in a hurry.

Mass production became a reality and tracing paper had to be used for the original drawing so that prints could be made and distributed to many men in the shop so many articles of the same kind or for the same end product could be produced at once. Because of the time and effort put into the original, the Drawings Storage Cabinetry was a natural addition to the company. From Fully Adjustable Tables to Filing Systems, Hamilton products were always in the forefront.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Contract Sales

Some of the Hamilton Company's first contract work came during 1917 when it was called upon by the government to supply Airplane fuselages. After the war, things at Hamilton began a gradual return to normal. The ever increasing demand for specialized furniture kept the Contract division very busy during the early 1920's.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Radio Cabinets

The wood plant was quickly adapted for the manufacture of attractive radio cabinets for at least a dozen or more of the leading manufacturers of radio sets.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
ChildCraft Furniture

In the 1930's Hamilton began to make its line of ChildCraft Juvenile Furniture. The line included playpens, potty chairs and cribs. In 1953 the company decided to discontinue the line, but it had been the Hamilton craftsmen and designers that had chalked up eighteen "firsts" in the juvenile furniture field in a few short years and made the name ChildCraft one that would be remembered for years.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Medical Furniture

In 1930, during a dental furniture sales meeting, an idea was brought up and discussed. The new concept was that a line of Medical Examining Furniture for doctors would be a natural addition to the already existing line of dental furniture. Production began in 1931 and the furniture was an instant success with physicians. Hamilton Medical furniture was soon found in examining rooms throughout the country.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Laboratory Furniture

The company had prior experience in laboratory equipment manufacture as early as 1904, but it wasn't until the early 1930's that Hamilton worked out an agreement with the Invincible Company of Manitowoc. The pact stated that the Invincible Company would specialize in the production of Steel Laboratory Equipment while the Hamilton Company would concentrate on making its wood furniture.

In 1938 the Hamilton Company took over the entire laboratory furniture manufacturing operation from Invincible and assumed leadership in the wood and steel laboratory equipment field.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Automatic Clothes Dryer

After being turned away by many manufacturers, who took a dim view of a contraption called a "clothes dryer" and contended that it wouldn't sell, J. Ross Moore's persistence finally brought him to the doors of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company. It was the foresight and skill of this company that brought Ross Moore's dreams to reality and freed the American housewife from the last vestiges of the washday blues.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Automatic Washing Machine

Although World War II ended production of the machines, it did not stop research and development. In 1953 Hamilton introduced "twins" that is, a line of automatic washers and dryers.


Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Mobile Table Line

The Erickson Mobile Folding Table line was purchased from Haldeman-Homme Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1959. This table revolutionized school lunchrooms throughout the country.


American Hamilton
Division of American Hospital Supply Corporation

In 1968 Hamilton became a division of American Hospital Supply Corporation, a multifaceted organization specializing in supplying the Health Care market with goods and services throughout the world.

In 1973 Institutional Industries, Inc., another division of AHSC was consolidated into the Hamilton Manufacturing Company. Over the years, "iii" as it became known, had established a fine reputation among hospitals as a supplier of capital goods equipment. Working with that as a base, the iii business center of Hamilton Industries expanded its product offering to include overbed tables, wire carts, shelving and stretchers. Also medical devices, ranging from the Lapidus Airfloat System for the prevention of bedsores to the Pulsatile Anti-Embolism System, a unique device that aids in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Other products were blood warmers to aid in the transfusion process, and devices to help raise or lower a patient's body temperature.


Hamilton Industries, Inc.
Under the Ownership of Charles L. Barancik

In 1982 the company was purchased from AHSC by Charles L. Barancik.

The Image Medical Table - a minor surgery/examining table quickly became the leader in the medical marketplace. Under Barancik ownership, Hamilton Industries focused on becoming the industry leader in Laboratory Furniture. All other product lines were sold during the late 1980's to help sharpen our focus on the laboratory marketplace. In 1986, MAX/Lab a new adaptable furniture system that has been recognized as a true innovation by architects, designers, engineers and end users throughout the country was introduced.


Fisher Hamilton Scientific Inc.
Division of Fisher Scientific International Inc.

Fisher Hamilton - A company more than a century old, continued to grow and prosper to become a division of Fisher Scientific International Inc., the largest provider of scientific equipment and supplies in North America.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Division of Fisher Scientific International Inc.

Effective February 14, 1996, the company incurred a name change, from Fisher Hamilton Scientific Inc. to Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.

But it's not just the story of a company... it's the story of people and products, past and present, that have built Fisher Hamilton into the present position of leadership it enjoys today.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Accent and Contrast Steel Furniture

The blending of two established types of furniture into one (steel and wood) becomes a new look for the laboratory environment. With the durability of steel and the warmth of wood, Fisher Hamilton leads the way for aesthetics.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
MAX/Wall System

Another first for the laboratory industry. The introduction of a movable wall system for the lab environment is admired by customers. With its unique ability to create a lab within a lab, MAX/Wall becomes the next generation of adaptable/movable systems in the Fisher Hamilton portfolio.


System Manufacturing Company (SMC)
Acquired by Fisher Hamilton to provide leading products for Information Technology (IT) work solutions, SMC is based in Conklin, New York. SMC designs and manufactures high quality, technical furniture solutions for technology-intensive environments.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Architectural Wood Products

Resulting from the popularity of our traditional wood casework manufacturing design, Fisher Hamilton ventures into the custom wood casework field. New species, cuts and veneer matches are offered. New designs are introduced to fulfill the unique requirements of architects and customers.


Fisher Hamilton International
Fisher Hamilton establishes a global presence to serve our growing customer base, including multi-national companies, with innovative laboratory and turnkey solutions.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Concept and Pioneer Fume Hoods

An innovative class of fume hoods is introduced. Both the Concept and Pioneer are designed and tested to meet the demands of energy conservation and safety. These high performance and aesthetically pleasing fume hoods contribute to the green development taking place in the building environment.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Distinction… The Next Generation of Adaptable Systems

Fisher Hamilton proves its leadership and engineering capabilities by working with a leading laboratory planner to develop the first UL labeled work bench system that is pre-piped and wired.  Distinction quickly becomes the standard by which all other adaptable laboratory systems are measured.


Fisher Hamilton L.L.C.
Nautilus Overhead Carrier System

In response to the needs of our customers who frequently face limited work space, the Nautilus was designed.  Engineered to carry services from the ceiling to the work bench, Nautilus utilizes the laboratory above-ceiling space which will also help minimize costly floor penetrations.


New Manufacturing Facility
Reynosa, Mexico

A new 186,000 sq. foot, next generation manufacturing plant, is built in Reynosa, Mexico. This facility allowed Fisher Hamilton to compete in the new global economy.


Hamilton Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
On November 10, 2006, Fisher Scientific (the company's parent company) and Thermo Electron merged to create the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of laboratory solutions.


Advanced Lab Concepts LLC (ALC)
Round Rock, Texas

Acquired in October 2011, the ALC wood manufacturing facility was recognized in the industry for its three-tier product line including Platinum, Gold and Collegdale.










Hamilton Scientific
October 24, 2012 - OpenGate Capital, LLC, a private investment firm, announced the acquisition of the Laboratory Workstations business from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. The company, renamed Hamilton Scientific, continued to self-manufacture laboratory furniture and fume hoods until shutting down operations completely on May 5, 2015.

Hamilton Laboratory Solutions
July 13, 2015 - Hamilton Laboratory Solutions LLC announces the acquisition of Hamilton Scientific from the private investment firm. The acquisition revives the prominent Hamilton brand, and Hamilton Laboratory Solutions continues to self-manufacture laboratory furniture and fume hoods.

We proudly declare our allegiance to the legacy Hamilton name that was established in 1880 and was renowned for exceptional craftsmanship of all products manufactured at the Two Rivers, Wisconsin plant. Hamilton Laboratory Solutions assumes its position as a leading supplier of laboratory furniture and fume hoods for the education, health care and industrial markets.

Royston Group Acquires Hamilton Laboratory Solutions
February 3, 2020 - SRR Holdings, Inc., dba Royston Group, has acquired Hamilton Laboratory Solutions (Hamilton). Royston Group is owned by Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP), an operations-focused private equity firm. Royston Group President and CEO Frank Callis shared, "We welcome the addition of Hamilton Laboratory Solutions to our portfolio of industry-leading brands and look forward to working with the Hamilton team to fuel future growth, expand manufacturing capabilities, and achieve best-in-class service for the laboratory industry."

Hamilton, with a 140-year history, has long been a leader in the specification of laboratory equipment, with a comprehensive line of adaptable workstations, casework, fume hoods, accessories and more. CEO Steve Pribek, who revived the Hamilton brand in 2015 and will join Royston Group as Senior Vice President of Hamilton, commented, "We are excited to begin the next chapter of Hamilton as part of the Royston Group, known for their operational excellence and manufacturing expertise, and bringing that expertise to bear in the laboratory industry to the benefit of our customers."